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Shopping for savings as a concept can mean a whole number of things.  At its most obvious, it could simply be a matter of scouring the supermarket shelves for that special offer or for a product being hurriedly despatched as it approaches its sell-by date.  It’s a fairly unscientific approach in the greater scheme of things, but every little helps.

However there is a huge amount of scope both for spending less and for earning more at the end of our fingertips, or if you prefer at the touch of a keypad.  The worldwide web offers opportunities galore for making savings – usually, granted, very small savings, but when added together they can amount to much more.  

For starters we no longer have to shop in one place at a time.  Using comparison sites means that whether we are looking to stay in a hotel, or buy a car, or take out an insurance policy, we can look at many options simultaneously and select the one which works for us the best.  A basic mastery of search engines also means we can quickly gather intelligence about what might be available to us outside of our usual channels of supply.

Whether it is finding a coupon or earning a pound or two filling out a survey or answering a few questions, there is a whole world of discovery out there for bargain hunters and I would like you to help me to find it.

A Role for You

In this endeavour there is a role here for anybody who would like to take part.  That is because I’d like to include contributions from readers of this blog and in fact everybody who has an opinion or some info to offer.  By having as many people involved as possible I can ensure the most effective cross-fertilisation of ideas and the most reliable database of cost-saving information.

This blog already boasts more than 120,000 visitors each year, and every one of those is a potential reader of the article which you have contributed, and a potential lead to your own website which you are free to link to.  This means a double benefit to you as contributor – real live visits as well as a backlink from a well-used source on the web.


Most of my articles are in the region of 500-800 words long.  I will be happy to reproduce your article either with your byline attached or, if it is your preference, unattributed.  As long as it is on topic I will consider it for publication, with only grammatical or typographical errors amended.  Some of the topics you may wish to cover might include:


  • Using online surveys to generate a steady income
  • Generating a guaranteed income from free bets
  • Where to find vouchers to use at your local shops and supermarkets
  • Market research for earning an additional income
  • How to make money from clinical trials
  • Making pay-per-click advertising work for you