About Saving Shopping

Making ends meet is difficult at the best of times, but when my wife sadly passed away nearly four years ago I was like the proverbial rabbit caught in the headlights, with bills and demands for money flying at me from all directions and not a clue how to deal with it all.

I had never realised, until that moment in time, just how much she had held it all together financially.  I have worked for most of my life, but we had never been what you’d call well off and paying our way, which included satisfying the needs and demands of growing children, had always been something of a challenge.  Fortunately my late wife was penny-wise, and she juggled our outgoings so effectively that I have to admit I let her get on with it and attended to other things.  When, suddenly, she was no longer there, I realised I had to get smart – and quickly.

That was when I decided to investigate ways of saving money, of making our limited resources stretch further.  At first I thought it would be much of a muchness, just saving a penny or two here and there.  Surely this wasn’t going to make a great deal of difference in the broader scheme of things?  But, once I got going, it became almost cathartic, and now I do it almost without thinking.  It truly is amazing how much you can save when you really try.

About the Author

Well “author” sounds a bit grand for what I do, but whatever you want to call me Andrew Barlow is my name and saving money is my game.  Or, to be precise, writing about saving money.  Because as I pick up ideas and tips along the way I like to share them with others so that they too may benefit from the tricks I have learned.  We’re not in competition after all, there’s plenty to go around.

My kids are in their teens now and to be truthful they think I’m a bit crazy – always cracking jokes and “dad dancing” at parties.  But there is a serious side to it all, and that is when it comes to paying my way.  Their mother never let them down when it came to putting food on the table and I don’t intend to either.


My Money Saving Tips

You might be surprised at how far a modest wage can go when you learn to improvise, as I’ve had to.  Sometimes it’s just a case of thinking outside the box rather than necessarily going without.  But then again maybe you are a bit of a dab hand at this savings thing too?  Just possibly you may have some intelligence to impart, some pointers to point in my direction?  If so I’m all ears.

If you’d like to contribute to my blog please do send me your ideas and experiences.  I will include them on this site for the benefit of all myreaders.  We can all save and shop without having to be poor, and on this blog we look at just a few of the ways that that can be achieved.