A Guaranteed Income from Free Bets

If like me you’re a person who struggles to make ends meet then probably the last thing you’d want to hear right now is encouragement to take up gambling.  And indeed, if you have an addictive or compulsive personality then you’d be well served not to read on any further, or to take any advice from me about using free bets as a means of earning a few hundred easy pounds at absolutely no risk to yourself.  After all I don’t want to be responsible for somebody else’s descent into penury.

But if you are able to rise above temptation and approach this not as a punt but as a cold and calculated investment opportunity, then you are guaranteed to boost your coffers within a few short weeks.  Then once you have done the dirty deed, walk away and never again risk your funds against the smart bookmakers who have not only expertise, subject knowledge and experience on their side but also the house edge which is built in to every transaction they offer.  Gambling is a mug’s game, unless you are a bookie of course in which case it can be extremely lucrative.

How is it Possible to Win at Betting Without Risk?

The secret to taking money off the bookmaker is to take advantage of the free bets or starting bonuses which are on offer at most online sportsbooks to tempt you to open an account.  And before concluding that walking away with a guaranteed profit is too good to be true, just bear in mind that the large majority of new customers opening betting accounts are potential gamblers who can be relied upon to lose considerably more than they win during their betting life.  Sportsbooks are prepared to lose a little to smart operators because they know they will more than make up the difference by taking money from mug punters.

When you open an online betting account, check out first whether a free bet or starting bonus is on offer to new customers.  What is very important is that you also check out the terms and conditions, because there is very often a requirement that you turn over any winnings a given number of times before the funds can be withdrawn.  This will need to be factored in to your calculations.

Laying the Bet

What you then do is place a bet in accordance with the published rules, and then lay the bet off at a betting exchange such as Betfair (in layman’s terms this means betting on the reverse outcome).  Chose a bet which is good value – as near as possible to the lay price at the exchange – so that the two bets are as close as possible to being matched, usually with only a very small overall loss involved.  Bearing in mind the fact that the original stake was free money, you will be up on the deal win or lose.

Alternatively you can use another free bet, from another bookmaker, to back the opposite outcome.  One of them must inevitably win, which means you walk away in profit.  But here’s the clincher – whatever you do don’t be tempted to come back and gamble your little windfall.  Move on to the next online sportsbook, until you run out of them.  At the end of it all you will be up to the tune of hundreds, but remember you can only do it once!